Sylvia's continuing desire to meet people's needs prompted her to offer a different kind of support than the regulated insurance industry would or could provide to those seeking direction and purpose in their lives.

DiscussionAs a result Sylvia developed LifeScaping Services - a coaching format that could assist people who desired encouragement to re-focus their lives and achieve new goals.

Everyone can benefit from life coaching from time to time, in order to meet personal and professional goals. Sylvia enjoys assisting in bringing forth a person's potential and assisting them in overcoming barriers to success.

This program appeals to those who are motivated to do homework and already possess a degree of self-discipline and want to be challenged further.

Cultivating Your Dreams

  • Is your life working for you?
  • Do you feel dull, going nowhere and not sure what it would take to get revitalized?
  • Would you like to find out how you may get started on a personalized improvement plan for living your best life?

LifeScaping Services is for those who want personal guidance and training in getting more satisfaction in your present life, without needing to win the lottery or move to a far away island or marry a rich and famous person or lose at least 50 pounds or get plastic surgery.

Areas of consideration for renewal and change include:

Jump-Starting Your Life

CompassTaking a close look at what is working and not working in your life. Recommendations (action steps) are offered to take you in the direction of growth that you want to achieve. Encouragement for a higher priority of self-care and better total health is part of the make over. More optimal time management based on your values and priorities are also considered. An abundance of materials and suggested resources are included.

Discovering Your Hidden Strengths

Reviewing your patterns and history of successes and failures with the attitude of building on your strengths. The sky is the limit when considering where your hidden talents and virtues can take you. Dreaming and creativity is nurtured for the sake of a more rewarding and possibly more lucrative future. The pleasure of unleashing creative ideas and planting seeds for a more enjoyable and fulfilling future may be found in this exploration.

Relationship Renewal

A systematic, objective approach in forming a new basis for relationships that have previously been broken or perhaps even non-existent. The new formation has specific boundaries and agreements, which are appropriate for present situations such as holiday gatherings and family celebrations. This is for those who want to set new mutual goals and are willing to make compromises and adjust expectations.

Spiritual Revitalization

Encouragement for learning and applying techniques and practices, which nurture your soul and cultivate hope and replenishment. Replacing false hopes and expectations, especially of others and learning peace and contentment within yourself. Letting go and trusting God more in everyday life as well as cultivating principles such as gratitude and forgiveness. These practices assist in building a lifestyle based on abundance and compassion versus fear and isolation and scarcity.

LifeScaping Services is a departure from traditional psychotherapy. This program emphasizes changes in the present requiring action. This partnership is based on more equality than the typical healer/patient relationship. Active participation, work, and accountability are involved. This is not covered by insurance and is not submitted for third party reimbursement. This service provides time-limited coaching where the individual client determines one's course with the trainer (coach).

Available Packages

  • Consultation only
  • Weekly meetings one hour in length for a prescribed period (usually 3 months) with telephone availability between sessions.
  • Monthly meetings one and one half hours in length for 1 year with phone consultations on a weekly basis to "check-in" regarding goals.
  • Negotiated format to meet individual and or group needs in a streamlined agreement between client(s) and coach.

Our Commitment to Each and Every Client

People are beautiful gardens that must be cultivated and watered regularly in order to flourish. Each person needs and is worthy of special attention.

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