Are your puzzled about the conflict in your workplace?

All too often managers and employees are unprepared to deal with unresolved conflict in the work place. As a result, there can be significant productivity losses associated with these continuing problems.

Sylvia's Workplace Solutions are structured to operate between conflicted parties and in a non-threatening format to evaluate the conflict and offer workable solutions to work place problems.

About Workplace Conflict Mediation

MeetingWorkplace conflict is a condition among interdependent workers who feel upset, perceive others as being at fault, and act in a way that causes business problems.

Unmanaged employee conflict is perhaps the largest reducible cost in organizations today and likely the least recognized. It is estimated that over 65% of performance problems result from strained relationships at work, NOT from deficits in employee's skills.

Sylvia's workplace conflict mediation services involve facilitating mutually acceptable, self-determined agreements between the conflicting parties, using specialized skills.

Key Benefits*

Cutting the cost of conflict - the stress, illness, and staff loss that affects the bottom line. Mediation can reduce stress, get people back to work and keep people collaborating, whether they consider themselves to be "friends" or not.

Diverting conflicts away from adversarial procedures. Where mediation is available, fewer people choose to proceed with formal grievances.

Getting workplace relationships back in line using mediation skills, there can be practical solutions to complex issues.

Enhancing communication - helps people understand each other about what is needed and why things may have gone wrong in the past.

Stimulating healthy dialog and avoiding stagnation. If people feel safe enough to talk and express their view, they will be better able to adapt to organizational change.

Fostering dignity at work. Everyone needs comfort, respect, and allowance for differing and independent viewpoints.

Key Steps

  • Consultation
  • Assessment of Issues
  • Working with parties in conflict, separately
  • Joint Mediation
  • Moving ahead with proposed agreements and relationships
  • Follow up as needed

Key Services

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Education and Training
  • Coaching
  • Seminars

* Material about mediation is used by permission of John Crawley and Katherine Graham, from their publication Mediation for Managers, NB Books 2002.

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